Delivery Period

Update 24.05.2021

The logistics and courier networks are still heavily burdened by the record volumes.

X-Pole advises all customers that they and their logistics partners are working hard to ensure prompt delivery, but there are significant delays due to the EU-wide pandemic measures. The transport of goods between the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland and the EU is still affected. We bring the goods to our warehouse on pallets instead of having them shipped by the manufacturer, but there can be still some delays due to Brexit. 

Please see in the list below which models are available now.
Ceiling mounts are partially available again. Next delivery will be in two weeks.
The new XPERT (NXN) is in stock at our warehouse.

The delivery times shown on our website are only a rough estimate and cannot be guaranteed due to the above reasons. We make every effort to ship your orders as quickly as possible with optimal logistics solutions. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do as many factors are beyond our control in the current situation. We ask for your patience while we work on processing all orders. Most of our products can be ordered, but please understand that there may be delays. For urgent orders, please contact us before placing your order for stock information and updates on incoming stock. 


These items can be shipped as standard set immediately:

  • Lupit Pole Classic G2 (15 business days)
  • The new XPert (NXN) in 45mm Chrome / Titanium-Gold / Powder-coated black, white or pink | 40mm Chrome / Powder coated black
  • Pro XPert in 45mm Chrome / Stainless Steel / Brass / Titanium-Gold / Powder-coated black or white | 40mm Chrome / Stainless Steel / Powder-coated white
  • X-Stage NST03 in 45mm Brass / Stainless Steel / Powder-coated black or white | 40mm Chrome
  • X-Stage Lite NST04LT in 45mm Brass / Stainless Steel / Powder-coated black or white | 40mm Chrome
  • A-Frame (in two weeks)

We apologise for all the delays due to worldwide supply problems and thank you for your (pre-)orders and continued support.

We wish you all the best of health!


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